Green Hosting

Green Hosting

Green Hosting

Energy from hydropower

Our Data Center uses green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.

Energy-efficient hardware

Power usage of hardware and network components has been determined by in-house measurement and used as a fundamental criterion in the selection of components.

Usage reduction

We are committed to being an industry leader in environmental responsibility and providing green Hosting. We are actively involved in environmental practices including energy usage reduction and recycling. These initiatives have already reduced our electricity consumption by an estimated 9%, with additional reductions currently being implemented. Our green-friendly business practices, demonstrates our dedication to protecting the environment. We found it important to do our part for the environment by becoming a leader in adopting eco-friendly practices.


We use servers that are reconfigured so that they run more efficiently using less energy and run cooler. What that means is less energy consumption on the server as well as less energy needed to cool the server. (Co-location data centers are constantly cooled [24x7x365] by enormous cooling fans which use a tremendous amount of energy). This attention to details concerning the servers allows us to be more energy efficient.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We are very conscious of our carbon footprint. We recycle zealously in our offices and we make sure that only legal and essential documents are printed to conserve paper. Any non-essential documents which are printed by mistake are returned to the recycle bin of the office for reuse in any other printing that we need to do. In addition we employ auto lighting control systems to make sure that the lights are not on when no one is in their offices and we power down all office equipment when not in use.

Carbon Credits

We are is in the process of joining the EPA’s Green Power Partnership Program (there is a 6 month long trial period). The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with purchased electricity use. The Partnership currently has hundreds of Partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually. "America is shifting to a 'green culture', with more and more businesses taking important steps to combat climate change," said Kathleen Hogan, Director of the Climate Protection Partnerships Division at the EPA.

Renewable Energy

The computers in our Support Department are powered by energy which is generated 19% from renewable sources like wind and solar. All office cell phones use solar power to recharge. Another way we reduce our energy usage is by equipping our Support Staff with Logitech solar powered keyboards.


We sometimes use talented personel that are not located near our offices. Rather than try to relocate these talented employees we allow them to telecommute from home or a shared office near them. This allows some of our employees to not have to commute to work saving money and carbon emissions on gas consumption for their cars. In addition to that, 70% of our staff avoid using cars to commute to work by biking or using public transportation. In fact our President has replaced his car with a Smart Electric Bike he uses to commute to work and he encourages the few remaining staff with cars to replace them with Electric Bikes as well.