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Usually the huge sites or heavy traffic sites need a VPS for allocated resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk I/O, etc. But having a VPS means that you have to pay extra for the cPanel license along with the management of your VPS server. That makes the cost too high for a single site or a couple of sites that you may have. Our semi-dedicated plans are in fact shared hosting with VERY high dedicated resources that you can rarely find in simple shared hosting plans. And they also include the cpanel, the management, the multiple backups, domain, and much more!

We have made great deals with a few Registrars in order to get the lowest possible prices.
Yes, all of our dedicated servers are fully managed by us and in fact proactively managed, which means that we usually know the problem before you do. On top of that, the support is personalised something that you will immediately understand when you register with us.
We are world wide! Our support department is in European Union, while our headquarter office is in USA. As for our servers, they are located in Germany and Finland.
Absolutely! If you register a semi-dedicated annual plan with us, you only have to choose a nice theme and then send us your texts and photos. We will build your site for free!

Simply we don't have high expenses, we are a small team and we are willing to keep it as is for lifetime.

Absolutely not! We do not charge extra for one thing or another. All is clear and you choose what you purchase.
In September of 2005 our company began hosting clients in European Union and saw significant growth. By April 2020, we expanded to the US market.
We need all clients requests to be written so as to be able to solve issues all around the 24h. If a client talks on the phone with someone from our team, the other people of our team will not be informed of the problem. So we need a history of all issues in order to provide better support and better services. However, we plan to provide a phone number soon so that you feel safe you can contact us in a case of emergency.
Yes, as long the client asks for a refund within the first 30 days after registration and only for the semi-dedicated plans. Neither for the dedicated servers, nor for the domain registrations.

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